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This is one of my favourite quotes! I'm Yasmina & I'm on a mission to inspire, empower & support you to stop playing small, step into your full potential & own your greatness. Unfulfilled potential breaks my heart. I'm passionate about social mobility, inclusion & equity. Where you start in life is out of your control but you can take charge of your future; with the right support, willingness & courage. I'm passionate about lots of things but my super powers are unlocking potential, helping people to see their greatness and turning big dreams into tangible action plans. I might not know you personally but I truly believe in you, your potential & your worth.




I started coaching with Yasmina because I needed some guidance in feeling more motivated and proactive. By the end of the second session I already had a new air of confidence and found that after 3 sessions I was where I thought I'd be after 6! I managed to find some work abroad which was one of the reasons I started working with her and I also felt a lot more positive in my outlook. Yasmina has such a kind aura and she gently guides you forwards whilst accepting your different state of mind in each session. She is extremely non-judgemental and her knowledge of coaching and the materials used was extremely professional yet personable. I am so grateful to Yasmina and believe I may not be where I am today if I hadn't decided to have her as my coach.



Confidence and self-belief impact everything in your life. From your sense of worth to what you expect and accept in every area; from your relationships and careers to your social life and health. Confidence often trumps skills, experience and talent and is the difference that really makes a difference. The great news is this: confidence is a skill that can be learned! I'm here to help you step into your most confident self, get clear on what you want and develop the courage to turn your dreams into goals that can be achieved with the right mindset.


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