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This is one of my favourite quotes! I'm Yasmina & I'm on a mission to inspire, empower & support you to stop playing small, step into your full potential & own your greatness. Unfulfilled potential breaks my heart. I'm passionate about social mobility, inclusion & equity. Where you start in life is out of your control but you can take charge of your future; with the right support, willingness & courage. I'm passionate about lots of things but my super powers are unlocking potential, helping people to see their greatness and turning big dreams into tangible action plans. I might not know you personally but I truly believe in you, your potential & your worth.


Before working with Yasmina I was struggling to speak my truth and I really struggled to open up to people in a vulnerable way and this was affecting my relationships with the closest people to me and stopping me from achieving my business goals. 

After our time together I was instantly able to feel a shift in energy within me and within 4 days of my session with Yasmina I had opened up to my Mum about my financial troubles (something I'd been struggling to do for months), I resigned from the job I've hated for 2 years, I got my first paying Client in my Coaching business and I was vulnerable enough to ask the guy I'd been seeing for 3 months the 'where is this going' question and got the answers I needed to hear from him. Since my session with Yasmina I have felt more sure of myself, more confident and able to speak my mind clearly and effectively. 

I would absolutely recommend Yasmina because she has helped me remove blocks within myself that have held me back all my life! Honestly the shift I felt was amazing - thank you so much! 


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My mission is to contribute to a world where happiness and success are available to every single person, regardless of where they started in life. I believe that anything is possible when you have self-belief, self-worth and the right support. Unfortunately these aren't equally available to everyone. This matters to me deeply; I'm painfully aware of how different my life could be. With the background I'm from, statistically, I shouldn't be where I am now or have achieved many of the things I have. My aim is to help millions of people to step into the best versions of themselves, fulfil their potential and create happiness and success on their terms. You can be, do and have more than you realise. I'm here to help you on your journey.

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