About Yasmina

Specialising in confidence, imposter syndrome and self sabotage; Yasmina works with 1-2-1 clients and in corporate settings to not only help individuals break through their personal barriers but to address the structural barriers that prevent women and people in marginalised groups succeeding. Yasmina's background is working as a leader in the not for profit sector. 

Quick facts...


  • Fully insured & qualified Transformational Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

  • Member of General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

  • LLM in International Economic Law, Justice and Development.

  • Delivered workshops & worked with clients in 23 countries.

  • A Londoner born & raised, with mixed North African, Caribbean & English heritage.

  • In leadership positions in my 20s, despite leaving school with no qualifications.

  • Love to travel & have visited all seven continents.

  • Dance is a passion - I've performed in carnivals in the UK and Brazil.

  • Part of a world record breaking attempt for the most people hula hooping simultaneously (we broke the record but were soon beaten)​!

Behind the qualifications...

Hey, I'm Yasmina and I'm passionate about helping people step into their full potential through achieving clarity, confidence and courage. 

At 16, my life looked pretty bleak. I'd left school with no qualifications following a chronic illness and was facing many other challenges. My saving grace was my confidence, self-belief and courage - these qualities gave me lots of advantages. Fast forward a few years and I had achieved a first class masters, a successful career and many personal accomplishments. I've always been ambitious and a high achiever but I reached a point in my career when I realised I wanted more from life. I was managing a multi-million pound budget, had a large team but felt deeply unfulfilled and was experiencing imposter syndrome. This kick-started a process of self-discovery. I love travelling and adventures and have visited all 7 continents! My favourite experiences include kayaking in the Pacific at midnight in complete darkness, parading in front of 90,000 people in the Rio carnival and an Antarctic cruise, where I saw humpback whales and thousands of penguins! 

My work now covers three broad areas:

Coaching & therapy: I help my clients build confidence and overcome their blocks to success. While my work covers a range of areas, I am an expert in imposter syndrome and self-sabotage. I use a variety of tools and techniques to help my clients move forward in their careers, businesses and personal lives.

Training and workshops: I work with organisations to develop and deliver solutions in areas including imposter syndrome, confidence and wellbeing. Much of my corporate work falls within the EDI space and my workshops cover topics such as bias, allyship and micro aggressions.

Young people: I develop and deliver initiatives for young people to help them thrive, be confident and aspire for greatness. 

I grew up witnessing a lot of wasted potential and it breaks my heart. I'm also painfully aware of how different my own life could be. Whether or not you believe in yourself; I believe in you! Most people are totally unaware of just how much potential they have. From my days of managing teams and individuals to my current coaching, therapy and training work; I love nothing more than helping people to see their own greatness and step into their potential.

If you would like support to step into your most confident self, or to become a more inclusive organisation, please get in touch.


My values. my why. simply me.

My mission is to contribute to a world where happiness and success are available to every single person, regardless of where they started in life. I believe that anything is possible when you have self-belief, self-worth and the right support. Unfortunately these aren't equally available to everyone. This matters to me deeply; I'm painfully aware of how different my life could be. With the background I'm from, statistically, I shouldn't be where I am now or have achieved many of the things I have. My aim is to help millions of people to step into the best versions of themselves, fulfil their potential and create happiness and success on their terms. You can be, do and have more than you realise. I'm here to help you on your journey.

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