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Prior to my current career, I worked in the charity and education sectors at a senior level. Being at the intersection of different historically marginalised identities, I have extensive experience of being 'the only' in the room and the challenges that can come as a result of this. Equity and inclusion underpin my personal values and I am passionate about helping people in historically marginalised groups to overcome the many barriers to success we face.

Much of my work is commissioned by gender and BAME/BIPOC workplace networks and employee resource groups. I specialise in equity, diversity & inclusion (including bias and allyship), imposter syndrome and wellbeing.

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Our BIPOC employee resource group at DECIEM organized a full month of education and celebrations in honour of Black History Month in North America. One session idea is to raise awareness on microaggressions and ways that team members can bridge their understanding to active allyship. Yasmina created expert content and delivered the session in such a way where the concept was real and easily understood, and the dialogue was open and inspiring. We have heard great feedback from Yasmina’s session and we look forward to partnering with her again.

Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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