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The Spiral

As you journey through life, it's normal to have many experiences that cause shame, fear, grief and other heavy emotions. These experiences create imprints and energetic baggage, which can cause different blocks and imbalances, preventing you experiencing all of the beauty that life has to offer.

The Spiral is a 7-stage process that releases your emotional and energetic blocks and conditioning so you can step into your most authentic and empowered self. The Spiral can help release emotions such as shame, fear and anger whilst increasing your self-worth, creativity, sense of purpose and so much more.

The Spiral combines frameworks including Spiral Dynamics, the Scale of Consciousness and muscle testing (Kinesiology) to identify and release baggage that's holding you back from reaching your full potential. Releasing this baggage enables you to live in a way that feels free and aligned to your true, authentic self.

Image by Alex Eckermann

The Spiral includes 8x 1 hour sessions across 8 weeks. All sessions take place via Zoom.

7 levels of the Spiral 🌀

Level 1: Deserving

Releasing shame, guilt and dogma. Increasing self-worth.

Level 2: Creativity

Releasing fear, grief and paralysed will. Increasing proactivity.

Level 3: Power

Releasing anger. Increasing confidence.

Level 4: Openness

Releasing wounds of the heart. Increasing love.

Level 5: Expression

Releasing low self-esteem. Increasing expression.

Level 6: Vision

Releasing old views. Increasing clarity.

Level 7: Purpose

Welcoming peace, joy, enlightenment and purpose. 

Integration session

During this final session, we bring together the 7 levels and complete a manifestation clear.

The Spiral, explained by founder Dane Thomas

The Spiral has been an interesting undertaking, to say the least! I’m so glad I tried this approach to building mindfulness and healing old wounds with Yasmina’s support and guidance. There has been an undeniable shift in me and I have moved away from high levels of anxiety, depression, and stress and am also managing to detach myself from fears of the future and crippling social anxiety, (like never before).   The thing that comes up quite regularly for me when I reflect on the seven levels of the spiral is how neutral and safe I felt during this very gentle process and how many undeniable clear gains I had during the week that followed each session. The process was ultimately uplifting, thought provoking and insightful.

For anyone who wants to do this, I’d say go with an open mind, and trust that you’re in very, very safe hands with Yasmina.

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