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Personalised recordings

Personalised recordings / Meditation tracks

I create personalised recordings for everything from healing to success as an entrepreneur. The recordings are fully customised and use techniques from neuroscience to rewire your mind. Listening to your recording for 21 days will help replace old limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs that are aligned to whatever it is you want to achieve. I also create meditation style recordings to aid relaxation. See below for testimonials from business clients and individuals.

So, I’m one of those people who generally doesn’t like hearing talking when trying to sleep lol. Yasmina’s recording has changed that for me. It was so calming & powerful, and the tone of her voice was so relaxing I was actually able to tune in & allow the recording to let my subconscious do its work. Even the little details she used made me smile at certain points & I 100% recommend her personalised recordings to help you with sleep or relaxing your mind.

Sheree DuBois

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