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DISC personality profiling

DISC is a popular personality profiling system that looks at behavioural characteristics grouped into four areas:

D = Dominant, driver

I = Influencing, inspiring

S = Steady, stable

C = Correct, compliant

As a certified DISC profiling practitioner, I provide clients with 15-page DISC profiles and a 45 minute session to discuss it and digest the key lessons. Each report contains:

* An overview of the different styles

* An explanation of your personal style

* Your personality traits

* Your communication preferences

* Strengths and growth areas

* Communication tips

* Compatibility with other styles

* Graphs showing your perceived self, public self and who you become under pressure

DISC profiling offers a range of benefits including:

* Greater self-awareness of your communication preferences, how you respond to pressure, your motivations and how you work with other personalities.

* Improved communication with colleagues and the ability to work effectively according to communication preferences.

* The ability to talk to people with different styles, "in their language".

* Enhanced people and team management, with the ability to understand team members' motivations and preferred ways of working.

If you would like to order DISC assessments for an organisation, please contact me to discuss your needs. 

Check out my article Understanding personality & behaviour to improve communication & reduce conflict to find out more. 

Yasmina has been super helpful in guiding me through understanding the intricacies of my own personality and working through the DISC profile gave me immediately implementable solutions. She helped me understand the different types of personalities I interact with at work, and I was able to appeal to my senior managers personality type and challenge for a better review at my end of year assessment - bumping my score up and getting me a better bonus at work! Thank you so much Yasmina


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